MEDRelief is a healthcare staffing agency offering MRI technologist jobs in Houston, the surrounding areas of Texas, and throughout the United States. Established in 1995, we have in-depth experience in the healthcare industry and we have built strong connections with the finest medical institutions in America.

Our team is composed of dedicated staff who are passionate about connecting healthcare professionals to their ideal careers. Whether you are looking for a temporary work arrangement or aiming to land a long-term job due to your desire for stability, MEDRelief's MRI staffing solutions can help you find the position suited to your needs.

What is an MRI Technologist?

MRI technologists are healthcare professionals responsible for operating Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. In addition to operating the equipment, they prepare the patients for MRI, properly position them in the machine to ensure high-quality scans by selecting the appropriate sequences and technical factors. MRI technologists may work in a hospital, diagnostic imaging center, or doctor's office.

If you are on the hunt for MRI technologist jobs in Houston, MEDRelief can help you find your ideal job. Our MRI staffing solutions include the following employment opportunities:


MEDRelief offers temporary contracts for MRI tech jobs. Duties will vary based on what is stipulated in the work agreement but usually involve admin work or direct patient care. Since temp job contracts only last for a couple of days or weeks, this is the perfect opportunity for professionals looking for flexibility in their schedules. In addition to the PRN/ Per Diem or as needed assignments.

MEDRelief Staffing also offers short term 1-13 week contracts in the local area as well as for travel assignments. Travel assignments will vary typically between 8-13 weeks many times extensions of travel contracts are available.MEDRelief is a healthcare staffing agency that offers varied employment opportunities if you want to gain more experience from short-term contracts or build a lifelong career.


A temp-to-perm contract is a kind of employment that starts with a temporary position and can later become permanent after a specific time frame. It's a great way to determine if the job is the right fit for you before committing to any long-term agreements. It also offers the perfect opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills.

Perm Placement

Permanent placements involve long-term contacts and full-time positions. Facilities often request our agency to assist in filling their open full time positions through direct hire or perm placement agreements. This is an excellent choice for professionals aiming to build a stable career and searching for full-time MRI technologist jobs in Houston.

Why Should I Choose MEDRelief To Place Me?

MEDRelief is a staffing agency with more than 25 years of experience in recruiting and placement medical professionals. Aside from offering flexible contracts for travel MRI tech jobs in Houston,or with travel assignments throughout the United States we also have the following benefits for jobseekers:

  • Allowances for travel assignments
  • Referral bonuses
  • Dedicated coordinator
  • In-house payroll specialist
  • Private corporate housing on travel assignments
  • Free professional liability insurance
  • Free workers' compensation insurance
  • Technical and clinical assistance
  • Direct deposit of weekly pays
  • Free Continuing Education at Advanced Health Education Center

How To Qualify For Work?

To qualify for MRI technologist jobs at MEDRelief Staffing, job candidates need to secure the following documentation:

  • Updated resume (must have a minimum of one year of experience as an MRI technologist)
  • Current CPR certification
  • An unrestricted license to practice (ARRT)
  • Documentation of shot records
  • Present TB or CXR test documentation
  • Two forms of official identification
  • Statement of Good Health (physical) may be requested by the facility
  • Professional References

Get Started Today

As a premier nurse staffing agency, MEDRelief identifies your unique skill set and helps place you in a work environment where you can flourish. Since 2006, we have been certified by the Joint Commission. Our network of trained recruiters will help you find the best job suited to your goals, schedule and lifestyle.

For more information and job postings, call us at 713.270.4836 or Click HERE.

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