Code of Business Ethics

Advanced Heath Education Center, Ltd. (AHEC), business is governed operationally by a business code of ethics which stresses both corporate and personal integrity. AHEC seeks to comply with both the letter and spirit of the applicable laws and regulatory standards that are prevalent in the healthcare industry. Each employee has a duty and obligation to become familiar with the issues of ethical conduct and legal compliance, and to abide by these principles and policies in all our business relationships and activities. AHEC employees are expected to be honest and forthright in dealings with managers, subordinates clients, competitors, government agencies, business partners and the general public. AHEC employees have an obligation to maintain the highest level of personal integrity and do anything that would bring dishonor upon themselves or the company.

This Code of Business Ethics is designed to be effective in preventing, detecting and reporting allegations of ethical misconduct or violations. Our code does not incorporate all policies, but acts as a summary of the key principles that should govern employee's conduct.

Examples of unethical/unprofessional conduct include, but are not limited to:

Business Conduct:
    Disclosing company confidential or proprietary information.
    Using AHEC's property for personal gain, including the intellectual property and proprietary company databases.
    Competing with the AHEC using information gained from employment or benefits supplied AHEC.
    Making false, disparaging claims or comparisons about a competitors' goods or services.
    Misrepresentation, mislabeling, or false advertising of products or services.
    Engaging in a conflict of interest where personal interest would appear to conflict with the AHEC's interests.
    Submitting invoices for services not rendered.
    Personal interests, investments, and activities (including those of family members) that may conflict with the AHEC's or clients interest;
    Gaining improper access to a competitor's confidential or proprietary information directly or through another party.
    Disclosure of confidential information regarding employee pay rates and client bill rates.
    Claiming intellectual property belonging to others.
    Offering current or potential clients; trips, lavish entertainment, bribes, kickbacks, or supplies/services for less than fair market value to gain an advantage in increased business.
    Accepting gifts or other considerations of value that infringes on the policies of the client, vendor or AHEC's policies.

Ethical Behavior:
    Trading standards for personnel/business financial or objectives gains.
    Disclosing confidential information regarding employee pay rate and client bill rate.
    Allowing access to AHEC's or Client's computer or telecommunication systems via personnel authorized passwords.
    Use of AHEC's or Client's computer technology for access the intranet for personal gain.
    Recruiting facility employees while they are on their employer's job site.
    Falsified time sheets.
    To accept or seek employment from AHEC clients where an employee has been previously assigned.
    Possession and or use of illegal drugs or alcohol at the workplace, or under the influence during employment hours.
    Unauthorized use and/or disclosure of the ìProtected Health Informationî that is subject to the standards for privacy as established under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    Engaging in violent threats or conduct among AHEC employees, clients, or others.
    Harassment of any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status. Including, but is not limited to, verbal or physical harassment; solicitation of sexual favors; unwelcome sexual advances; and creating or maintaining a sexually hostile work environment.
    Sending or forwarding communications via text messages, email, social media or other technology media that would be considered inappropriate, embarrassing, harassing or unethical toward the individual, company or client.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Advanced Health/MEDRelief Staffing is committed to equal employment opportunity. The Company maintains policies and procedures that prevent discrimination against any qualified employee or candidate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, veteran status or disability to the extent protected by law.

This policy of nondiscrimination applies to all employment practices, including benefits, compensation, discipline, hiring, promotion, separation, and training.

Quality Work and Customer Satisfaction
AHEC aspires to maintain a reputation for the highest level of excellence. We seek to create real value for our clients with an emphasis on quality. We strive to do the best possible job; and to work diligently to avoid mishaps, correcting them promptly should they occur. Substandard performance is not tolerated. Satisfied clients are the most important mark of success; we cherish and respect our clients. If there is a problem, we are committed to its prompt resolution.

It is considered breach of ethical responsibility for a MEDRelief Staffing employee to have information concerning violation of regulatory requirements, violations of the MEDRelief Code of Ethics and not report it to the coordinating staff or senior management for review and appropriate action.