Conflict of Interest

Advance Health Education Center, Ltd does not participate or condone business practices as a result of conflicts of interest. AHEC defines conflicts of interest as a relationship that provides for the influence of business that can directly or indirectly lead to financial gain for the business, the employee, or the client. AHEC seeks to avoid the negative consequences of conflicts of interest, by identifying, addressing and avoiding those conflicts via employee orientation, handbook and the client agreements. Potential conflicts of interest are identified, communicated and/or disclosed so that the undesirable effects may be offset and lead to collaboration and a resolution and with our customers and employees.

Potential conflicts of interest include but are not limited to:

 It is a conflict of interest for any employee to solicit or accept money, gifts or favors from past, current or prospective, employees, visitors or firms with whom the company does business.
 It is a conflict of interest for AHEC staff to solicit the facility personnel.
 It is a conflict of interest for AHEC to give political contributions or support fundraisers or events.
 It is a conflict of interest to use AHEC, Vendor or Clientís property or information for personal gain including intellectual property or other proprietary company data.
 It is a conflict of interest for any employee to engage in conduct that would cause the company embarrassment or raise questions about its honesty.
 It is a conflict of interest for supervisors to demonstrate favoritism among employees.
 It is a conflict of interest to offer facility employees trips, lavish entertainment, bribes, kickbacks, or supplies/services for less than fair market value to gain an advantage in increased business.
 It is a conflict of interest for any employee to receive financial remuneration or to knowingly assign personnel that are not in compliance with established credentialing standards.

Every employee is responsibilities for compliance with AHEC conflicts of interest policy. Employeeís suspecting that a conflict of interest has occurred or could be implied, must immediately notify Senior Management for review and appropriate action. Violation will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.