Privacy Policy for Employees, Candidates, Clients

Advanced Health Education Center is committed to protecting the privacy of employees, our vendors, and our clients in all aspects of business operations. AHEC assure the information we collect about, or on behalf of individuals and facilities, remains secure and protected while we provide our services. Personal information is only collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with this privacy policy.

Employee Use in this Class of Information
Employees have an unquestionable right to expect that personal information about themselves, their family, and financial circumstances will be kept confidential. Every employee has an obligation to protect this confidence. Confidential personal information should never be discussed with others who are not authorized to receive it, either inside or inside the workplace. Access to personal information is limited to administrative personnel charged with managing or staffing the employee/candidate.

In the normal course of business, AHEC will disclose your identifiable personal, health, and professional information to our clients when it is in reference to a potential job opportunity. This information is used only to understand your qualifications, needs, and preferences and to fulfill our contractual obligations or for internal human resource function required by the company.

Contractors that provide services to AHEC will receive only the personal information required for the function to be served (accountable, banking, payroll, background checks, etc.) AHEC will assure that every contract we enter into with an outside source clearly outlines the obligation to protect your personal information and live up to principles of privacy.

Personal information will never be traded, sold, or leased by AHEC to any external company information is only disclosed for AHECís legitimate business purposes or as required to meet legal and regulatory requirements, for example to comply with a court order.

You may make a request in writing to access your personnel file any time. This information will require a nominal administrative fee.

Client/Participate Use and Disclosure of Information:
Information may be shared with our affiliates, strategic partners, contractors, or other companies that we cooperate with to provide services. AHEC uses reasonable efforts to ensure privacy but cannot totally; prevent unintended disclosures by such means as hackers, other unauthorized individuals, and illicit employee actions.

AHEC believes that privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of Internet commerce and is committed to the privacy of our website visitors. Best efforts used to assure that the information submitted to us remains private, and is used only for the purposes it was intended. Statistical information is collected about the use of our website (such as the number of visitors, page-views, and error messages), but is not linked to any personal information.

Information concerning AHEC clients, pay rates, payroll information and bill rates is confidential and should not be discussed. Breach of confidential information will result in corrective discipline up to and including termination.

Authorization for Background Search
AHEC obtains a signed consent prior to conducting any necessary background searches for employment purposes. Searches may include but are not limited to work history, driving record, criminal background, Medicare fraud, social security verification, work/professional references, credit history, education, professional license, and etc. Additionally, the employee agrees to submit or provide medical screenings information and/or results; including but not limited to, a physical exam, negative tuberculosis and drug test, immunizations, or positive titers to determine the presence of contagious disease, chemical dependency, etc.

Retention of Information
Human Resource files are retained for a period for seven years after the end of the employment relationship or longer if required by law. Business information (accounting, educational attendance records, etc.) are retained for a period of seven years of longer as required by the accrediting or governmental entity.

Accuracy of Information
AHEC relies on the information provided by the employee, as well as third parties such as those providing references, educational intuitions, credentialing agencies or those conducting background checks.

AHEC strives to maintain accurate records, employees are expected to provide updated contact information (address and phone number), licensure or certifications. Delays will result in an interruption in your assignments.

Privacy Policy Questions, and Revisions
AHEC takes full responsibility for the management and confidentially of the personal information it collects. If you have concerns about this policy, or feels that AHEC is not abiding by it, please contact our office.