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MEDRelief Staffing is a leader in medical staffing for health facilities and clinics. Our extensive recruitment network can fulfill requests for CT Technologist jobs in Houston, TX.

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Computed tomography (CT) technologists are critical members of the diagnostic imaging team. Your knowledge of CT equipment, scanning protocols, and experience helps the physicians find answers to puzzling health conditions, making a difference in patient care and outcomes.

As technology has continued to improve, CT technologists opportunities have continued to grow. These technologists are often the most requested or sought after in the diagnostic imaging arena.

Since 1995, MEDRelief Staffing has provided medical staffing solutions to some of the country's premier healthcare facilities. Our recruiting consultants can connect you to prestigious employers, including Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical center and numerous outpatient facilities. . With our help, you can secure various working opportunities. This may include per diem or prn shifts, contract assignments, or perm placement for your new fulltime job.

Your employment needs change throughout your career, are you looking for extra income? If so our per diem / prn assignments might be what you are looking for. Do you prefer contract assignments we offer both local in Houston or travel contracts throughout the country. Your preference is important. Part of our staffing strategy is to meet your expectations for location, pay, and work schedule. Knowing how tough the medical industry can be, it is important to us that you have multiple opportunities with us here at MEDRelief Staffing.

MEDRelief Staffing is searching for CT Technologists for all specialties or Modalities in Houston and for travel contracts throughout the U.S. . If you are an imaging professional, with a minimum of one year recent experience,and are searching for CT technologist jobs in Houston, TX or travel contracts please submit your resume to MEDRelief Staffing.

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MEDRelief Staffing is looking for the following CT Technologists' specialties:

 CT Technologist for PRN assignments
 CT Technologist Per Diem assignments
 CT Technologist for short term contracts
 CT Technologist for contracts in Houston
 CT Technologist for AM or day shift
 CT Technologist for PM or night shift
 CT Technologist for long term contracts in Houston
 CT Technologist for travel assignments in Houston
 CT Technologist for travel assignments in Texas
 CT Technologist for travel assignments in Montana
 CT Technologists for travel assignments

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Meet Your Staffing Requirements With Our CT Staffing Services

Finding experienced, competent, and reliable CT technologists is crucial for general medicine hospitals, diagnostic centers, and imaging and testing facilities. If your facility offers this modality, you can benefit from our CT staffing services.

MEDRelief Staffing has over 30 years of experience providing staffing and workforce management solutions to hospitals, medical clinics, imaging centers, private practices, correctional facilities, etc. We have an extensive recruitment network and have placed highly skilled and tenured technologists in medical facilities nationwide.

We are a preferred staffing source for the biggest medical centers in Houston and throughout the United States. We supply our facility partners with qualified professionals for different contracts:

 Temp to permanent staffings
 Permanent placements
 Short-term contractss
 Long-term contracts

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Why choose us as your primary source for medical staffing? We are one of the first staffing agencies in the state to earn a Joint Commission certification for healthcare staffing – an honor we received in 2006.

MEDRelief Staffing is also a designated HUB by the state of Texas, a certification granted to companies that are at least 51 percent owned by minorities, women, or veterans.

Besides decades of experience in recruitment, we are well versed in clinical management. We understand the needs of a healthcare facility and the challenges of budget constraints, distributing clinical and administrative workloads, etc. So when we find people to fill open positions in your institution, we do our best to find candidates who best fit the job description and your work culture.

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