MEDRelief is a premier nursing staffing agency that offers nursing job opportunities in Houston and surrounding areas. We have been in the industry for over 25 years, making us one of the most experienced staffing agencies for medical professionals. We have placed countless health workers in their ideal emergency department nurse jobs since 1995.

The MEDRelief team is composed of highly qualified and knowledgeable recruiters who only want to help you find the best place for you to work. We want you to find your ideal work, so we will leverage our extensive network of employers to place you in a job fitted to your needs and lifestyle.

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What is an Emergency Department Nurse?

Emergency department nurses are medical professionals that offer work specifically in the emergency room. They are also called trauma nurses because they treat patients facing life-threatening conditions. The primary responsibility of an ED nurse is to sustain life wherever necessary and to provide immediate support on severe medical issues to minimize the long-term adverse effects.

When signing up for ED nurse jobs, you must be prepared to see it all. From heart attacks to gunshot wounds, these dire instances transpire almost daily for ER nurses. Therefore, quick observation and critical assessment skills are requirements for emergency department nurse jobs. You also must be comfortable dealing with traumatic events and be able to maintain a clear mind even through the trauma. It is one of the most challenging jobs, but on the other hand, there is nothing more fulfilling than saving other people's lives.

Nursing Job Opportunities

MEDRelief offers emergency room nurse jobs in various contract types, benefiting employees and employers. We provide the following employment opportunities:

Why Should I Choose MEDRelief To Place Me?

Our industry experience allows us to connect to the finest medical institutions in the country. So whether you are searching for ER travel nurse jobs or want to build a stable career by being a full-time worker, MEDRelief has the right fit for you.

We offer the following perks for job seekers:

  • Referral bonus program
  • On-call coordinator
  • Private corporate housing and allowances for travel jobs
  • Technical and clinical assistance from our healthcare experts
  • Free professional liability insurance
  • Free workers' compensation insurance
  • In-house payroll specialist

How To Qualify For Work?

To qualify for emergency room registered nurse jobs at MEDRelief, applicants must have a minimum of one year of experience working in the ER. In addition, they must secure the following documentation:

  • Updated resume
  • Shot records
  • TB or CXR test results
  • Unrestricted license
  • CPR/ACLS/PALS/NRP/TNCC certifications
  • Statement of Good Health (physical) may be requested by a specific facility
  • Two forms of official identification

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